How did the Olmec, Aztec, Inca, Maya, and North American Indians differ in their ways of life and cultural achievements?

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    Maya & Olmec Differences ; ~ Olmec did no longer construct big cities like the Maya ~ The Maya lasted a lot longer than the Olmecs ~ The Maya practiced human sacrifices Maya & Inca Differences ; ~ Incas lived in the mountians ~ The Incas practiced terrace farming and used irrigation ~ Maya step by step disappeared ~ Incas had been wept out by way of Spanish Settlers ~ Incas were ruled with the aid of an established authorities ; Mayas were ruled by using kings and clergymen Maya & Aztec Differences ; ~ Aztec fell to Spanish invaders ; Maya disappeared again into the jungle ~ Maya used "decrease + burn" farming ; the Aztecs estalished irrigation systems & built terrace shape structures ~ Maya lived much earlier than the Aztecs ; Also the Maya civilization lasted longer Aztec & Inca Differences ; ~ Inca had no writing machine ; the Aztecs used Hieroglyphics ~ Incas lived in the mountians of Peru and used llamas to assist with farming ~ Incas constructed hundreds of miles of roads ~ Aztecs have been extra centered across the metropolis of Tenochtitlan Aztec & Olmec Differences ; ~ Olmec culture lived in BC ; Aztecs lived in AD ~ Olmec regularly disappeared ; Aztec were taken over by means of Spanish ~ They used one-of-a-kind types of farming Incas & Olmec Differences ; ~ Olmec have been long past for masses of years by the point that the Inca got here around ~ Inca had no writing device ~ Olmecs had been the primary ones to use Hieroglyphics ~ Incas lived in highlands ; Olmec lived in lowlands ~ Olmec dissapeard component by using element ; the Inca had been conquered by conquistodors

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