What is the central dogma of molecular biology?

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    The central dogma of molecular biology is the process of flow of genetic information from DNA to RNA to make a functional product which is a protein. It is described as the two-step process, transcription and translation, by which the information in genes flows into proteins: DNA ? RNA ? protein. Transcription and translation Steps: 1) RNA is made on a DNA template 2) RNA prossesing : The RNA transcript is spliced and modified to produce mRNA which moves to the cutoplasm 3) Amino acid attachment : The tRNA molecule picks uptheir amino acids 4) Initiation of translation : The first tRNA combines with the mRNA and ribosomal subunits to start polypeptide synthesis 5) Elogation : The polypeptide elongates as amino acidsare added 6) Termination : A stop codon signals release of the completed polypeptides and separation of ribosomal units...

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