What does the helicase do during replication?

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    ANSWER : Helicase enzyme unwinds DNA. EXPLANATION : Enzyme DNA helicase unwinds the double strands of DNA by breaking the bonds between each of the complementary bases. The nitrogenous bases in DNA are linked by hydrogen bonds. As hydrogen bonds are weaker than all other bonds so this is a perfect spot to start separating the nucleic acid strands. DNA helicase is an enzyme that unwinds the DNA double helix by breaking the hydrogen bonds between the complementary bases. In breaking these bases, DNA helicase creates two single-stranded DNA molecules. It attaches to the DNA at the origin of replication, which is the place where the process of DNA replication begins. As helicase moves down the length of the strand, the replication fork moves along in its wake. At the end of the strand, all the parent DNA had been split in two.....

    • 01 Dec 2017 @ 08:51

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