What kinds of chromosomal rearrangements can lead to gene dose deleterious effects in 3) individuals that carry them? A) duplications B) deletions C) inversions D) reciprocal translocations E) A and B are correct

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    Various abbreviations and symbols used in prescribing drugs

    1. Before meals : ac

    It is an abbreviation on a prescription for before meals; Latin called "ante cibum".

    2. Twice a day : bid

    In prescription, b.i.d. means twice (means two times) a day.

    3. Centimeter : cm

    4. Discontinue : D/C

    5. Dextrose 5% in water : D5W

    6. Extended release : ER

    7. Intramuscular : IM

    8. Drop : gtt.

    It is an abbreviation of drops ; Latin "guttae" called drops.

    9. Keep vein open : KVO

    Keep vein open is a medical acronym for an intravenous drip which is flowing to keep the IV open for future use.

    10. Pound : lb

    lb. is an abbreviation for pound which is a a measure of weight. Latin called libra.

    11. Milliequivalent : mEq

    12. Microgram : mcg

    13. Both eyes : OU

    Your eyeglass prescription labeled as "OU." which is abbreviation for the Latin term oculus uterque, means both eyes.

    14. Nothing by mouth : NPO

    Nothing by mouth is a medical instruction means withhold food and fluids. Also called as NPO.

    15. Normal saline : NS

    16. Enteric coasted : EC

    17. Ounce : oz

    18. After meals: pc

    19. Bedtime : hs

    20. Whenever necessary : p.r.n

    21. Ringers lactate : RL

    22. Sustained release : SR

    23. Immediately : STAT

    24. Three times daily: tid

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    Answer is : E) A and B are correct Gene dosage is defined as number of times a given gene is present in the nucleus of cell. Imbalance in gene dosage alter the amount of a particular protein relative to all other proteins, and lead to variety of phenotypic effects. Deletion causes loss of part of a chromosome that results on monosomy for that segment of the chromosome. Duplication results in doubling of part of a chromosome, resulting in trisomy for that segment. Thus, gene dosage result is either decrease or increase in that part of a chromosome...

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